June 30, 2023

61 Students Selected to Receive California Latino Legislative Caucus Foundation Scholarship

SACRAMENTO—The California Latino Legislative Caucus Foundation (CLLCF) announced today 61 students from across the state were selected to receive a 2023 CLLCF Scholarship worth $5,000, totaling $305,000 in scholarships being awarded. In its ninth year of operation, the CLLCF Scholarship Program received 916 applications.

“On behalf of the California Latino Legislative Caucus, we are thrilled to announce that 61 remarkable students have been awarded the CLLCF Scholarship this year!” said Latino Caucus Chair Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes (D-Riverside). “We are proud to continue providing these opportunities to invest in the future of the next generation of leaders. Pursuing higher education requires commitment and dedication, which these students have demonstrated, and we commend them for their hard work. We believe that these individuals have the potential to make a positive impact on our society and we are grateful to support them in their academic pursuits. Congratulations to all of the scholarship recipients – we can't wait to see what you will achieve!”

Winners were selected from a highly competitive pool of over 900 applicants and evaluated using the following criteria: academic performance, personal statements, extracurricular activities, leadership positions held, special awards and honors received, and work history. Each winner will receive a $5,000 scholarship, which aids eligible students admitted to or currently enrolled at an accredited college or university.

“Congratulations to our 2023 CLLCF scholarship winners! I commend them for all of their accomplishments and for dedicating themselves to their dreams to have a greater impact on the world. I know that the educational journey comes with its challenges and that is why we are pleased to announce they will each receive $5,000 scholarships to help lessen the burden as they begin this new chapter. We wish all 61 of our outstanding scholarship recipients great success in their studies and look forward to hearing about the many achievements and rich experiences they will share with communities across the state and back at home!,” said Senator Lena Gonzalez (D – Long Beach).

For complete details about the scholarship program criteria and parameters, please visit the Foundation website at Details for the 2024 scholarship application process will be posted to the website early next year.

The California Latino Legislative Caucus Foundation is a charitable, non-profit established to promote and advocate on behalf of the Latino community in California and to educate the public about Latino culture, heritage, and issues of importance to Latinos in California.

2023 CLLCF Scholarship Winners

Adriana Rodriguez-Gaytan
Hometown: Riverdale
Attending: CSU, Fullerton
Alex Martinez
Hometown: Los Angeles
Attending: UC Los Angeles
Alexandra Izarraras Cervantes
Hometown: Arroyo Grande
Attending: CSU, San Diego
Alexia Esparza
Hometown: Anaheim
Attending: UC Los Angeles
Anahi-Marcella Sandoval Araiza
Hometown: El Centro
Attending: UC Berkeley
Angelica Ariana Macias
Hometown: Fontana
Attending: California Baptist University
Angelica Elaine Richards
Hometown: Oakland
Attending: CSU, San Jose
Angelina Leanos
Hometown: Oxnard
Attending: CSU, Fresno
Ani Bacilio-Olivera
Hometown: Greenfield
Attending: UC Berkeley
Ashlyn Emilia Guch
Hometown: Arleta
Attending: UC Berkeley
Carlos Enrique Zepeda
Hometown: Los Angeles
Attending: University of Chicago
Carlos Julian Gonzalez
Hometown: Santa Maria
Attending: UC Berkeley
Cesar Garcia Luis 
Hometown: Moreno Valley
Attending: CSU, San Bernardino
Chelsea Gonzalez
Hometown: South Gate
Attending: Loyola Marymount University
Chloe Elizabeth Cortez
Hometown: Los Angeles
Attending: CSU, San Diego
Citlali Ayala-Martinez
Hometown: Altadena
Attending: Stanford University
Crystal Medina
Hometown: Arbuckle
Attending: UC Berkeley
Crystal Torres
Hometown: Los Angeles
Attending: University of Washington
Darren Andrew Hernandez 
Hometown: Modesto
Attending: CSU, Stanislaus
Delila Morales
Hometown: Sylmar
Attending: UC Los Angeles
Denise Clarisa Jimenez-Tapia 
Hometown: Los Angeles
Attending: UC Los Angeles
Devon Anthonis Saldana
Hometown: San Diego
Attending: Hawaii Pacific University
Diana Avila
Hometown: Palmdale
Attending: Columbia University
Diana Fernanda Aguilar Cruz
Hometown: Baldwin Park
Attending: CSU, Fullerton
Donna Arteaga Alvarez
Hometown: Riverside
Attending: UC Riverside
Eduwiges Llamas
Hometown: Napa
Attending: Loyola Marymount University
Eric Arturo Gonzalez
Hometown: Stockton
Attending: University of the Pacific
Ernest Mateo Cisneros
Hometown: Colton
Attending: CSU, San Marcos
Esteban Arellano Santacruz
Hometown: Riverside
Attending: UC Los Angeles
Iris Jassira De Leon
Hometown: Los Angeles
Attending: UC Berkeley

Isabel Martinez
Hometown: Long Beach
Attending: Stanford University
Isabel Rodriguez
Hometown: Merced
Attending: UC Los Angeles
Jared Guillermo Lizama
Hometown: Los Angeles
Attending: University of Southern California
Jema Reyes
Hometown: Hayward
Attending: UC Berkeley
Jennifer Guadalupe Becerra 
Hometown: San Fernando
Attending: Occidental College
Jesus De La Mora
Hometown: Merced
Attending: El Monte
Jose Eduardo Rodriguez Vargas  
Hometown: Madera
Attending: UC San Diego
Juliana Martinez
Hometown: Cudahy
Attending: Yale University
Katherine Zepeda Arreola
Hometown: Oakland
Attending: UC Berkeley
Kimberly Barrueta 
Hometown: Oceanside
Attending: UC Los Angeles
Leah Triana
Hometown: Whittier
Attending: Whittier College
Lizett Morales Barajas  
Hometown: Hayward
Attending: CSU, San Jose
Maricruz Marquez Alvarado
Hometown: Salinas
Attending: CSU, Monterey Bay
Martha Fuentes Guzman
Hometown: South Gate
Attending: CSU, Long Beach
Marysol Ysaura Valdez
Hometown: Vista
Attending: UC San Diego
Michael Duke Medina 
Hometown: Colton
Attending: UC Los Angeles
Osbaldo Oliver Villanueva
Hometown: Panorama City
Attending: UC Berkeley
Pablo Saldana
Hometown: Victorville
Attending: UC Riverside
Ramon Aguilar  
Hometown: Indio
Attending: Cal Poly Pomona
Randy Hernandez 
Hometown: El Monte
Attending: CSU, Los Angeles
Rebeca Vera
Hometown: Riverbank
Attending: UC San Diego
Rosangelica Castro
Hometown: Indio
Attending: University of Redlands
Samantha Alexa Boizo-Jimenez
Hometown: Pomona
Attending: UC Los Angeles
Samara Sarai Avila
Hometown: West Covina
Attending: Mount Saint Mary's University
Savannah Monique Espinoza
Hometown: Whittier
Attending: UC Los Angeles
Sheyla Castillo
Hometown: Fresno
Attending: University of San Francisco
Sofia Rose Moreno
Hometown: La Puente
Attending: Oregon State University
Stephanie Nathalie Lopez
Hometown: Chula Vista
Attending: Southwestern College
Uriel Saldivar-Esteban
Hometown: Farmersville
Attending: UC Los Angeles
Victor Manuel Bernal Ramirez
Hometown: Anaheim
Attending: UC Santa Barbara
Zulam Angelie Palacios
Hometown: Santa Ana
Attending: Grand Canyon University
Cassandra Kester
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Previous Scholarship Winners

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